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Useful links


I have selected a variety of good sources of information for you.

I hope that you find them useful – please  let me know!




Musculo-Skeletal Health


General Health Advice

  • NHS Direct – Good trusted advice on a wide range of matters
  • BBC Health – Another excellent source of general advice
  • Sleep Council – Good source for choosing a good bed
  • Fitness – Change for life – A great NHS inspired source of tips and advice
  • Walking for fitness – The 10,000 steps challenge. This is a great way of improving your health and fitness if walking is something you enjoy and can do


Integrated Medicine

  • Dr Mark Atkins – A British doctor who has written a number of popular books
  • Dr Weil – An American doctor who provides a wealth of excellent advice to improve health and wellbeing



  • Patrick Holford Set up the Institute of Nutrition and has published numerous popular books. He provides lots of tips mostly relating to nutrition